Cloud Reseller Hosting - 100% Private Label

Unlimited Reseller Plans As Unlimited As Your Potential.

100% UPTIME HOSTING. Our Reseller Cloud is an Enterprise-class, VMWare-based deployment of Windows and Linux Web Servers, Database Servers, Email Servers and DNS servers, designed to handle the most demanding reseller needs.

PRIVATE-LABELED. We allow our resellers to customize every aspect of their web hosting presence. As a Reseller, you can fully brand your own Cloud control panel for your customers, create and sell your own web hosting packages as well as virtual machines and setup your own name servers. With our system, you are not just a reseller, you are a Cloud Services Provider, offering high-end VMWare based cloud services!

MAXIMUM VALUE = HIGHER PROFITS. Our FLAT RATE pricing means you get to keep 100% of your hosting revenue. This allows you to enjoy margins on monthly recurring revenue of as much as 80% or more! For example, if you select our Gold plan and host 30 accounts at $25 per month each, you will be making $750 per month in revenue but only paying us the flat rate price of $59 per month! That's an ROI of better than 10X your monthly fee.

GROW WITH US. With over 11 years in business, experience with tens of thousands of websites, and SAS70 II certification, we have the depth and expertise needed to serve your business. All Reseller plans can be upgraded "on-the-fly." If you're a larger reseller or web hoster, then take advantage of our "ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT" package and enjoy UNLIMITED cloud disk space, domains, and bandwidth for just $297 per month! There's nothing else comparable.

Select from the plans below and then click on the "Signup Now" button to get started instantly.
All plans come with a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


24x7x365 in-house support by Certified Microsoft professionals

Redundant SAN storage with daily backups included.

True High Availability cloud computing on our VMWare based system.

Redundant bandwidth, burstable to 2Gbps, plus redundant network architecture with no single point of failure.

All plans are Dual-Platform so you can offer BOTH Linux and Windows hosting.

Automated customer signup and billing is included with all plans.

Redundant firewalls, DDoS protection, and intrusion prevention are all standard.

Dual-Platform Reseller Hosting Plans

Silver Gold Platinum All-You-Can-Eat

Setup Fee

Waived! Waived! Waived! Waived!

Monthly Billing

$39.95 $59.95 $99.95 $297.00

Annual Billing (save 10%)

$431 $647 $1079 $3207


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SAN Disk Space


Monthly Transfer

100 GB 200 GB 400 GB UNLIMITED!

H-Sphere User Accounts

15 Free 30 Free 75 Free 150 Free


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Sub Domains

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Dedicated IP Addresses

$1.99 ea. $1.99 ea. $1.99 ea. $1.99 ea.


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Services & Support

24x7x365 Live Customer Support

Redundant SAN Storage

Multi-Homed Network

Daily Server Backups

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Private Labeled Support

Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on


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Mail Boxes

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Email Forwarding

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Mailing Lists

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Encryption Support via SSL

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Enterprise Email Security Firewall

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Microsoft Access Databases

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Microsoft SQL 2008 Databases

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

MySQL 5.0 Databases

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

PostgreSQL 7.4

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

ASP.NET Enterprise Manager

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited



Database Restores

Daily Database Backups

Perl 5 & CGI-BIN

Flash/Shockwave Support

Crontab Support


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Common Features

SiteStudio Website Builder

Website Statistics

XML Support

Private SSL Certificates


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Overselling Allowed?

Yes. What this means is that you can sell more space and bandwidth to your clients than allocated to you in your reseller Plan. Only the actual space used by you or your clients is counted by us. This is only possible because of our advanced cloud infrastructure. Beware of web hosts who oversell reseller plans on standalone dedicated servers that simply cannot handle the load on bandwidth traffic or storage disk space. ValueReseller features a cloud network of enterprise-class servers running the latest virtualization software. Although we don't encourage extreme overselling, it is fine within reasonable limits.

What are H-Sphere "User Accounts"?

Each user account represents a single end-user Control Panel. An End-User Control panel is a control panel that can be used by you or your customers to manage domains. Each Control Panel can host unlimited domains. If you exceed the limit of control panels in your plan you can simply upgrade to the next plan or simply add additional CP's to your plan and you will be charged $1.99/mo. each. As a reseller you also have an Administrative Control that allows you to create and manage your plans and billing and access your end user customer accounts.

How can I sell both Windows & Linux Hosting from one Reseller Account?

We use what is called a Cloud Hosting Cluster. We have redundant SAN's, with Windows servers, Linux Servers, Mail Servers and Database servers in our cluster. This allows you complete flexibility in creating plans and accessing the resources you need from across our comprehensive platform. Because this is a VMWare environment, you are also assured that your customer accounts will have the maximum resources available and will not have worry about "resource hogging" as is the case with typical shared hosting servers.

Do You Provide Support For My Customers?

With the base plans we provide direct 24x7 support to you and you in turn would be responsible for supporting your clients. However, we do offer private label support as an option. You can have our support team answer your customer support tickets for an just $2.50 per month per account you host with us. That gives you 24x7 support from qualified hosting support techs and engineers. We recommend that resellers with more than 20 accounts take advantage of this service so you can spend your time on your business while we handle all your technical support questions and keep your customers happy. For more information on this service please email

Do You Provide Help Configuring My Reseller Account and Control Panel?

Please visit our Quick Start guide to learn how to setup and configure your reseller account. We also offer detailed flash tutorials and can arrange a "walk-through" with one of our support technicians. If you follow the Quick Start guide you can have your reseller CP setup and configured in about 20 minutes.

FREE BONUS: Easy Apps! Over 40 business and productivity software applications you and your clients can install with 1-Click!

Dotclear Open Realty LittlePoll
Gallery Podcast Generator Impleo
WebCalendar Moodle PHP Ads
PHPCalendar PHP Support PHO ScheduleIt
Prestashop osTicket Squirrel Mail
dotProject phpBook ccMail
Help Center Live and more...

Payment Gateways Supported.

Our control panel integrates with any of the following gateways for auto-billing your customers by credit card...

AuthorizeNet (ADC Relay) PayAndShop
Bibit VeriSign Payflow Pro
CyberCash Payflow Pro with SSL Support
Echo PSiGate
Ematic SecurePay
ePDQ Skipjack
IonGate Surepay
Link Point 2Checkout, PayPal, WorldPay

Additional Plan Resources

Resources that you can add automatically to your reseller plans. Disk space and bandwidth are billed automatically if you go over your plan allotments. However, you will receive email notifications if approaching the limits so you can make adjustments or upgrade to the next highest plan. Static IP's can be added manually from end user control panels (only required for SSL certificates).

Disk Space: $0.50 per GB
Data Transfer: $3 per GB
Additional CP's: $1.99/month
Static IP's: $1.99/ month

SSL Certificates

Activates the essential "SSL Secure" padlock in all popular browsers and mobile devices. You'll see two techie terms being used in the SSL industry - Root Strength and Encryption Strength. Root Strength is the strength of the cryptographic keys used to the issue your Certificate, and Encryption Strength is the strength of the encrypted link between the browser and the server. In both cases Globalsign SSL is as good as it gets - 2048 bit root strength and 256 bit encryption strength. You won't find stronger security at this price anywhere else! SSL Certificates can be ordered from your control panel.

Standard: $35
Wildcard: $115

MS Hosted Exchange 2010

Our Exchange Hosting is backed by a 99.99% uptime SLA and 24x7 support from our MS certified staff. Our Standard Exchange hosting plan is ideal for small companies needing varying degrees of functionality. All mailboxes come with Outlook 2010/Entourage 2008 client licenses and the Outlook Web App-OWA plus free premium SPAM/anti-virus filtering. For advanced Exchange plans or add-ons please contact Sales for a full price book.

$10.95 per mailbox (2GB)
$10 per additional 2GB

Remote Backup Services

Don’t left a theft, mistake or disaster, destroy any business you provide services to! Resell our automated remote backup services and secure all of your clients’ data in our cloud for easy local or remote restores. Increase your profits and your customer’s peace of mind. Click here for a product data sheet.

Desktops: $19.95 per month
Servers: $49.00 per month

14-Day Retention

Private Label Support Services

Let our expert technicians answer your customer's Help Desk tickets while you focus on running your business. For larger resellers, our outsourced support services can help you reduce overall support costs, maximize profitability, and maximize customer loyalty via our superior technical support and customer service. If you are interested in this service, please call 1-800-546-3514 or email and we'll send you a services agreement.

$2.50 per account

24x7 Help Desk ticket support
(no phone support)