Dedicated Reseller Hosting Is Dead.
Move Up To The VR Cloud Server Today...

Why trust your hosting services business to a dedicated server? If it goes down, so do your customers.

Introducing Cloud Servers from ValueReseller -- virtualized dedicated servers running on a 100% cloud computing network. All the benefits of dedicated with none of the pain.

The Problem With Dedicated Servers

If you've been offering web hosting on a traditional dedicated server, you may by putting your customers and your business at risk. After all, a dedicated server is simply a computer, and computers are prone to multiple points of hardware failure. When a dedicated server experiences an outage, your customers' business comes to a halt if it relies on its online presence for its revenue.

Even if it doesn't, your customer's reputation will be severely tarnished as visitors are unable to access the website and employees can't communicate by email. Meanwhile, you as the reseller will be barraged with frantic customer support calls from irate clients. Server downtime can be up to eight hours to identify, isolate, troubleshoot, and resolve the point of failure. As the costs of downtime continue to rise, the expectations of 100% availability are continuing to increase.

The Solution: CloudServers From ValueReseller

Although VPS technology has been available for some time, a traditional VPS presents unacceptable business risk. ValueReseller's CloudServer reseller hosting plans utilize our cloud hosting data center with clustered servers running on VMWare to provide exceptionally high availability and protection against hardware failures. Our CloudServers offer zero downtime for planned maintenance and protection against unplanned downtime and disasters.

A Reseller Solution With Complete Peace Of Mind

In the event of a server failure, the system automatically fails over to a separate host machine running in parallel with no interruption to operations, zero downtime, and zero data loss. Compared to the numerous risks involved with traditional dedicated reseller hosting plans, ValueReseller's Cloud Servers offer complete peace of mind for you and your customers.

Futureproof Your Business With VR's CloudServer Model

Besides business continuity concerns, Virtual Dedicated Server reseller plans offer another major advantage over traditional dedicated reseller hosting plans. Utilizing the cloud provides an upgrade path that's as simple as flipping a switch. Traditional dedicated reseller plans require downtime to migrate or swap in new hardware when capacity has been reached. With virtualization and the cloud, additional resources can be accessed immediately with no interruption to business. This allows you to rapidly meet changing market conditions with a fast deployment mechanism through a flexible, scalable computing model.

Move Up From The Traditional Reseller Server To The VR Cloud Today And Get FREE Migration Of Your Websites!

The high performance, high availability, zero downtime, data protection, economies of scale, flexibility and value make ValueReseller's CloudServer the perfect choice for serious resellers. The traditional reseller server plan is rapidly heading the way of the dinosaur. Contact Value Reseller today and let us customize the perfect CloudServer for your reseller hosting needs. For a limited time, we are offering free site migrations* to all resellers moving their accounts to our platform. (*Conditions apply, please contact us for details).

Call 1-800-546-3514 or fill out or contact form and we'll customize a CloudServer to meet your exact needs. Don't pay for what you don't need!